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Replace or Repair an Old Retaining Wall

How long will your retaining wall hold up?  Craftsmanship, quality materials, design, and attention to detail matter.  When done properly a retaining wall should last for a long time.  However, if the person who does the job is inexperienced or cuts corners to reduce costs, it will actually cost you more money over the long run.

Below is an example of a job we did in Bedford Texas to replace an old retaining wall.  This was because the original retaining wall was shifting and the fence built on top of it was starting to sag.  This wasn’t just an issue about appearance.  Because of the close proximity to the house it also created a risk of both physical damage to the home and possible water damage due to improper drainage.

Retaining Wall Design Highlights

  • The foundation was laid properly to support and reinforce the fence.
  • Natural rock materials were used in the retaining wall.
  • We installed a natural gravel and a stone walkway for easy access and low maintenance of the landscaping.
  • Proper drainage was installed within the wall.  This was important for longevity of the wall and location near the home.
  • And – we practiced extreme care when handling heavy stone and rock materials to avoid damage to HVAC, pumps, and other equipment near the home.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of a job that’s been well done.  We guaranteed this retaining wall, just like every project, with a 5 year warranty.


Rock wall and landscape in Bedford Texas Rock retaining wall example in Bedford Texas

Project Considerations

When you’re looking for a retaining wall contractor in Dallas, Ft. Work, Bedford, or the broader DFW area we encourage you to take the time to ensure you’re getting the best.  Be sure to ask about things that go beyond just the cost of the project.  These include:

  • Years experience of the owner and team
  • Prior references that you can contact
  • Confirm they are licensed and insured
  • Ratings from the Better Business Bureau or other accredited ratings organizations
  • Guarantees and/or warranties for workmanship
  • Design experience and assistance visually exploring different options
  • Quality of the materials used and the long term implications for your investment
  • The communication process before, during, and after the job

We recognize that you have a variety of options when selecting a retaining wall contractor.  If you’re considering a project we’d appreciate it if you gave us a chance to earn your business.  We offer free no-hassle estimates.  You can contact us anytime at 817-716-3095 or via our contact form.


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